Trusted Bail Bonds Across Northern Indiana

When an individual is placed under arrest by local law enforcement, the stress and uncertainty can prove to be too much for both the defendant and their loved ones. It’s essential for you, following an arrest, to seek out a local bail bond company that is as dedicated to your family’s happiness as you are. A-1 Bail Bond Service is proud to provide logistical support and financing to get your loved one out as fast as possible, relying on our service and consistency to help residents all across the state. Mark and Michelle Alfano started A-1 Bail Bonds because of their dedication to helping people in need. Every aspect of our business is tailored toward the goal of delivering the best services, and our team delivers this every day.

Key Things To Know About Our Bail Bond Services

Our legal system is complex, and working through it can be a daunting process.

  • Ten percent is the standard fee. Your bail bond premium will be 10 percent of what the full amount is once set by the court. Remember that this amount is enforced by the State of Indiana and cannot be changed amongst bail bond companies.
  • This amount is non-refundable. Once your bond is posted, this premium will be transferred to our bail bond agents for the purpose of financing you or your loved one’s release. State law forbids refunds of this amount, but once paid, your bail bond services will be covered financially!
  • Showing up to court is essential. If the defendant fails to show up for a court appearance, the cosigner will be responsible for the full amount. Also known as the indemnitor, this person will also be the first point of contact if the defendant goes missing.

The A-1 Advantage

A1 Bail Bonds is here to provide Top Rated Local® Northern Indiana bail bond services to people in need all across the state. We understand the stress and confusion following the arrest of a loved one, and our bail bond agents will work diligently to reduce the anxiety involved with the legal process. Providing a comprehensive approach that is personalized to the needs of each individual is how our team works to be your go-to source for bail bond services in Indiana.

We’re proud to offer full-service support to get you through this challenging time. While the premium fee is set at 10 percent amongst bail bond agencies, your choice in which professional to get you out of jail can make all the different during this crucial time period. A1 Bail Bond Service is proud to be your trusted source for comprehensive support all across Northern Indiana, delivering the best outcomes we can while focusing on the needs and concerns of the family affected by an arrest. If you’re looking for professional assistance that can get the best results fast, remember that our Elkhart bail bond agents are:

Fully licensed. It is essential to seek out the help of a licensed bail bondsman. Failure to do so could result in a loss of your time, money, and freedom!


Experienced. Knowledge and precision are essential in this industry, which is why having a team of experienced bail bond agents in your corner will make all the difference through this stressful process.


Highly trained. Professionalism is key when working to minimize the stress and resistance faced while dealing with a court case. Our staff is held to the highest standards to ensure the best results for you and your loved ones.


Confidential. By law, our bail bond services must adhere to the same level of confidentiality as your lawyer or doctor. The A-1 Team is dedicated to yours and your family’s privacy, keeping sensitive information available only for the accused and their indemnitor.


Reliable. The legal system relies on timeliness and organization for the best results. Our bail bond agents strive to provide reliable results for each and every individual, delivering optimal services every step of the way regardless of the situation.


Available. We’re always here and ready to assist Indiana residents in need, delivering all of these advantages 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We understand that arrests don’t adhere to a nine-to-five schedule, and our bail bond agents will get to work in a responsive and proactive manner.

What Happens Next

Being arrested is a frightening process, and for family members, it can lead to a lot of uncertainty. Once an individual is arrested, he or she will quickly be put into the legal system to work towards the resolution of the case. Bail bonds are different across each state, but once a loved one is placed under arrest, they can normally expect to then go through:

Booking. Following an arrest, you will be processed. This includes being put into the criminal justice system, checking for previous crimes and active warrants, and assessing a citation or booking you into jail.
Setting Bail. A hearing with your judge will be set to determine the conditions of your bail if you are allowed to be released. Oftentimes, restrictions will be put in place to limit travel or other illicit activities after determining your risk to the community at large.
Posting Bail. After an amount has been set, it’s essential to find a bail bondsman or woman that will provide the financing and support needed to get out of jail as expeditiously as possible.
Court Appearances. At this point, you will be home and ready to prepare for your case. Our Elkhart bail bond agents will help you every step of the way and work to ensure that you are ready and on time for every legal appointment and court date.

Our legal system can include a number of intricacies that vary from location to location. Even the county you live in can affect your court case. It’s important to find a bail bond agent that is familiar with and licensed in your area. Here at A-1 Bail Bonds, our experience and expertise help us to deliver top-tier services all across Indiana.

Our Service Areas

Contacting a bail bonds agency that can help across the state is a good thing, as it shows that its employees are able to help people across numerous locations with unique legal needs. However, stretching your bail bond services too far can result in unfavorable results. Bail bond agents that cover more than a 200-mile stretch, for example, may not be able to be as responsive and timely when a client on one side of the state needs urgent assistance as much as the one you are helping with on the other side.

A-1 Bail Bond Service is proud to provide our expertise to clients all across Northern Indiana. From South Bend to Indianapolis, our local bail bond agents are registered to work in 38 counties in Indiana.

Reliable Bail Bonds in Elkhart County

While often referred to as the RV capital of the world, Elkhart County is one of our top areas to provide bail bond services to residents in need. This area consists of nearly 500 square miles, holding more than 200,000 people. The rapid growth and development of this area has led to an increased incarceration rate as well. Unfortunately, violent crime in Elkhart County is among the highest in the nation. Between the increased law enforcement measures and improved processes between the six local police departments, residents may find themselves behind bars for a wide range of reasons. A-1 Bail Bonds offers quality bail bond services to Goshen residents and beyond, focusing on securing the fastest release to help accused individuals return to the comfort and safety of their homes.

If you or a loved one have been picked up and are facing trial in Elkhart, it’s essential to reach out to the A-1 team for expert assistance as soon as possible!

Bail Bond Services in Kosciusko County

Located just to the south of Elkhart County, Kosciusko was named after famed Polish general Tadeusz Kościuszko, a Revolutionary War hero that helped in the founding of our great country. Of the 75,000 residents here who live here, those who are arrested for a crime will likely stay at the Kosciusko County Jail. This beautiful area holds thousands of miles of scenic roadways and the most lakes in Indiana, but violent crimes in this area are also above the national average. With more than 100 identified gangs working in Indianapolis, enforcement has been stepped up across the state to work against any enterprise’s criminal activities. While this likely won’t affect you, the truth is that more arrests for non-gang activities have also been on the rise.

If you are placed under arrest and are in need of bail bonds in Kosciusko County, be sure to call us today at (574)538-4964 or (260)222-2198!

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Trusted Bail Bonds for Allen County Residents

This county is third most populous in Indiana, serving as the hub for local regions. Fort Wayne and the surrounding towns and cities are renowned for their central location to a large percentage of the US and Canada’s densest city populations. From Chicago to Cleveland, Detroit, and even Ontario, many drivers make the trip across I-69, I-469, or US 27. For some individuals, this may lead to an incident that results in an arrest. Our Allen County bail bond agents are experienced with the local jail system and Sheriff protocols. We’ll work hard to secure your loved one’s release in a fast and accurate manner.

Full-Coverage Bail Bonds for St. Joseph County

Locals and tourists alike know the history and allure of this land, including the famed University of Notre Dame. Citizens can find a host of fun activities to enjoy, from the dunes towering over Lake Michigan to the bike trails along Potato Creek, there are plenty of things to do in the area. Education and recreation are highly valued in South Bend and beyond, but crime statistics have created a different picture for St. Joe County.

If you have a loved one that requires fast reliable bail bonds in St. Joe County, be sure to reach out to the team at A-1 Bail Bonds for help.

Comprehensive Lake County Bail Bond Services

Situated in the northwest corner of the state, Lake County is the second most populous area in Indiana. It also services as a part of the Chicago metropolitan area, sitting on the border with Illinois on the southern edge of Lake Michigan. The Lake County Sheriff’s Department oversees jail operations, which can hold nearly 1,100 inmates. As a hub of trails, open spaces, and casinos, a diverse population of tourists and locals comprise much of the activity for Northwestern Indiana. As a railroad and interstate hub, there is a high potential for criminal occurrences.

Arrests in Lake County can involve residents from a wide range of locations. If your loved one is placed under arrest and housed in Crown Point, it’s essential to seek out a professional company with the ability to get the job done. Our Lake County bail bond agents are here and ready to provide quality results 24/7.

24-Hour Bail Bonds in Marion County

This bustling county reaches a population nearing one million residents, boasting the fact that it is more populous than six US states. Home of the state’s capital, Marion County sees a large number of arrests annually. Dense populations and the increasing prevalence of gang activity has placed Indianapolis on the national radar as a hotspot for crime. In order to control increases in violent and property crimes, our president has worked with Marion County law enforcement to step up policing measures. From low-level traffic offenses to criminal enterprise charges, this area is seeing more arrests on a monthly basis.

We provide Marion County bail bond services that have helped many clients secure their freedom to prepare for their upcoming cases in peace and security. If you’re in need of a bail bond agent in Indianapolis area, be sure to call us now!

Many More Counties

A-1 Bail Bond Service can also provide professional help to residents in 33 other counties. We specialize in offering expedient and reliable bail bond services in Northern Indiana, securing your loved one’s release and helping them to stay on track for optimal legal outcomes. Nobody else provides a professional level of support, relying on the expertise of our experienced and licensed bail bond agents.

We proudly provide bail bonds in Elkhart County, Marion County, and everywhere in between. If you’re in need of help, be sure to contact us now or fill out the form for emergency help!