St. Patrick’s Day is a great day to show your Irish pride, parade around in your green, and go have a few beers with your friends in the local pub. However, St. Patrick’s Day is known to be a heavy drinking day, and because it falls on a Thursday this year, many people will drive themselves home so they can work the next day. Drunk driving accidents on St. Patty’s Day account for more than a third of the fatalities on the day, and will take a life more than once an hour. Don’t be another statistic.

If your loved one went out last weekend to celebrate and found themselves behind bars, then call our bail bondsman in Elkhart now. We know that everyone makes mistakes, and St. Patrick’s Day week is a time when people drink more than usual. Because we are passionate about the community in Northern Indiana, and helping people who made a spur-of-the-moment decision, we will work with you quickly so your loved one can get back to their life and job as soon as possible.

If you are going out for St. Patrick’s Day, here are some quick tips to make sure that you stay safe and out of trouble, and keep others around you safe.

Plan Ahead

If you are intending to drink more than two alcoholic beverages for the night, then you should plan on going with a designated driver, or have a taxi pick you up and drop you off at home at the end of the night so you don’t have anything to worry about. One of the easiest ways to feel obligated to drive home when you shouldn’t is to drive to the pub or party and feel the need to get your car home. Remove the temptation by getting a ride at the beginning of the night so you’ll have to get a ride at the end.

Eat Dinner and Hydrate

St. Patrick’s Day is not complete without corned beef and cabbage! Eat a hearty dinner before going out so that your body has the energy to process the Guinness or Jameson. It also helps to drink one full glass of water in between each alcoholic drink (this also fights against a hangover the following morning). By eating and hydrating, you are able to feel good for longer without crossing into a state in which you are incapable of making good decisions.

You Are Who Your Friends Are

It is almost as important to stay responsible as it is to go out with friends who are also going to make good decisions. Peer pressure doesn’t just end when you graduate high school. In fact, it is much more potent as you age, and being with people who will enable you to make poor decisions could mean spending the night in jail.

We care about the community we serve, and we understand that slips in judgment can happen, even when you are a responsible person. If you do get in trouble, don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 bail bondsman at A-1 Bail Bond Service, and get the bondsmen who care.