Bail bondsmen aid you in regaining your freedom.

The world of bail bonds is fascinating – at least to us here at A-1 Bail Bonds – and that’s why we love to spread the news and facts on the bail bonds. So we’re here in today’s blog to point out some interesting facts surrounding the realm of bail bonds.

Old Time Bondsmen

There’s evidence that the act of bail bonding (or a similar such act) existed in modern-day Iraq some 4 millennia ago. That’s a rich history of bail bonds! In olden days, payments weren’t always made in cash. Sometimes livestock was used to post “bail.”

Bounty Hunting Is Illegal in Certain States

Certain states throughout the U.S. have different regulations on bounty hunting legality. Bounty hunters may be employed to pursue the criminally accused if they do not show up in court. A bounty hunter may be hired by a bail bondsman in order to regain the cost of bail. Bounty hunters aid in ensuring that bail charges are repaid. Certain states have outlawed bounty hunting because the means for bounty hunting are often extreme.

Don’t Bail on Bail Bondsmen

If a criminally accused person finds themselves out on bond, they’re liable for making their court times. If a bail bondsman pays bail and the accused doesn’t show up to their trial, the bondsman can sue that party. Further fines may be added to the accused’s sentence, and that sentence may be more severe.

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