The legal system can be a confusing experience for many citizens. Most people hear words like bond and bail when discussing jail time. Often, the term bail bonds comes into play. If you happen to be looking for a bail bondsman near Elkhart, IN, you’re in luck! A-1 Bail Bonds is your source for top-quality, 24/7 bail bonds service. To clear the air, we’ll cover the main differences between bails and bonds to help you understand more of the labyrinth that is our Criminal Justice system.


In our legal system, people who are facing court time generally have the option of being released from jail before trial. How? By paying with cash or some form of value as collateral for ensuring that the person in question doesn’t flee. Someone who posts bail has signed their collateral over to the court until their legal process has been completed. Generally, this can be a liquid process. Once a judge has set bail, the suspect in question has the option of asking to lower the amount.

The amount charged for bail depends on several factors including the severity of the alleged crime. A suspect’s criminal record, community ties, and financial affairs are all taken into account to ensure that the defendant does not flee while also avoiding excessive bail (Eighth Amendment!). Generally, the court has a hearing to discuss the suspect’s criminal history and tendencies to run before trial. Most times, citizens opt out of jail so that they can prepare for their case in the comfort of their own home.


When a person cannot afford to make bail, a bail bond agent can step in to help. A bond agent will take on the responsibility on behalf of the defendant to get them out of jail. The bail bondsman will pay the bail to the court on behalf of their client. A percentage of the bail amount will be charged as the fee for the bail bonds loan. This service can be especially helpful for people facing high monetary injunctions and have no way to afford the amount on their own.

When a defendant fails to appear for their scheduled court dates, the bondsman involved then becomes responsible for paying the full amount to the courts. When this does unfortunately occur, the defendant will then be at fault for additional criminal charges. If they posted their home to make the bond amount, their house can be foreclosed on. Plus, the original criminal charges will be waiting when they are captured and returned. Moral of the story? Don’t jump bail!

When all’s said and done, navigating our legal system can be a very taxing experience. People are often tapped out mentally, emotionally, and financially. A-1 Bail Bonds is your reliable bail bondsman in the Elkhart area and is here to help! We understand that times are tough and want to make sure you or your loved one can prepare for the process from the comfort home. With 24/7 assistance, you won’t be left in jail for long. Contact us now to see how we can help get your life back on track!