Steering through our criminal justice system to smoother waters can be a very stressful experience for any citizen. For some people, the appeal of escape is too much. When a suspect skips town, everyone involved suffers. Because of this concern, our courts can deem someone to be a flight risk. When this title is applied to you before trial, it means that you are too likely to flee the jurisdiction to avoid legal ramifications. This classification takes in many factors to determine your flight status. If you’re in need of a bail bondsman in the Elkhart area, we’re here to help! A-1 Bail Bonds is your go-to for the highest quality bail bonds service available. With 24/7 availability, we’re ready day and night to help you get your life in order!


Flight Risk Factors


Once somebody is labeled as a flight risk, they can be denied bail and forced to stay in jail until the trial is over. This determination is not made hastily and often includes many factors that come together to form a cohesive profile on the suspect in question. Common components that affect flight risk status include:

  • Community ties. A major category in flight risk determination is the suspect’s ties to their town and family. If there are no loved ones or a career in town, the defendant may be more likely to jump ship. Typically, a person with deep roots to their community will have more motivation to stay for trial.
  • Previous track record. Your attendance record for previous court appearances will play into the calculated likelihood of you coming back for the current trial.
  • Previous flight occurrences. Similarly to your record of showing up appropriately, your history of skipping town will also heavily weigh in on the flight risk title. If there are records of any previous flight, your chances of being granted bail now will be much lower.
  • Financial holdings. If you’re in a position where you can afford a lot of transportation services, your flight risk status may increase. Whether or not there is a high dollar amount, transportation resources can play heavily in this factor.
  • Nature of current charges. If you are faced with the possibility of a very long sentence, the court may see it as motivation for fleeing. This can also apply to the nature of the alleged offense. If the charges are more serious and hold heavy consequences, the defendant may want to opt out.

There are more factors that combine to paint a full picture of the defendant and their chances of leaving town to avoid prosecution. The flight risk designation aims to keep the community at large safe while providing reasonable evidence against a violation of the Eighth Amendment. Typically, holding someone in jail for a long amount of time for a less serious crime can be classified as cruel and unusual punishment. A flight risk is a person who will take advantage of our system to skip town and avoid the consequences. Ironically, this action will result in more stringent conditions, along with more monetary punishments. Don’t let this happen to you! Anyone looking for a bail bondsman in the Elkhart area will not be disappointed with our services. Call us now to get you or your loved one out of jail and back into loving arms!