Many people think that once they have posted bail, they are able to stay out of prison until they return for all require court dates, however, there are certain circumstances that could lead to bail being revoked. We are going to give the top three reason that bail can be canceled by the court.

  1. Courtroom issues

No one wants to go to jail or to be in court. But if you do something to try to sway the trial while out on bail then that would lead to getting bail revoked and getting yourself into worse trouble. You should ask your lawyer what you can and can’t do. You should always respect what the court asks or requires. If you aren’t sure, play it safe!


  1. Lying

You should always be honest and when you are testifying to the judge or anyone else. If you say something that ends up not being the truth, you could be charged with fraud. This includes lying about how much you make, as well as not filling out forms properly, etc. You should always work with an attorney, to ensure that everything is done properly. Telling the truth is a good rule of thumb for life!


  1. Danger to the community

If for any reason the judge determines the accused person to be a danger to the community, their bail can be pulled. This is only done if you commit more crimes while out on bail. If this happens a warrant will be issued and you will be re-arrested. So be extra careful while out on bail, if you want to remain out of jail.


So if you or someone you know doesn’t do these things, then most likely they will be fine, and can go about their lives until their required court dates, and are either proven guilty or released!  We are always available to help with any bail related issues!