The thought of being arrested and needing a bail bondsman is scary to many people. While it sure isn’t best case scenario, if you know a few simple things the process will be simple and not as scary.

Memorize phone numbers

Many people have stopped memorizing phone numbers because they have a smartphone and don’t think they need to. But you won’t always have access to your smartphone, and if you are ever arrested you won’t be able to look up a family members phone number. We often receive calls from people that don’t remember any of their family or friends phone numbers. We frequently work with cosigners that are related to a person that is arrested. It makes our job much more difficult if the arrested person doesn’t have any phone numbers memorized. Even if you are never arrested, it is still important to memorize a few phone numbers in case of emergency.


Be careful what you say on the phone

If you make a call from jail, you need to know that every phone call is recorded. This means that you need to be careful with what you say to a loved one, you don’t want to say anything incriminating. You should only give the basics when you talk to someone over the phone. Such as what you are being accused of, where you are at, how much bail will cost, etc. Do not say anything about the circumstances of your arrest. Everything to do with your case should be only discussed with your lawyer.


Don’t talk about your case with a cellmate

We would suggest not talking about your case with any other inmates. You should be polite and nice to other inmates, but you never know who you are being detained with. It is possible that if you share specifics of something you have done that the person may share this information to try to help reduce their sentence. So the best rule of thumb is to keep your mouth closed in regards to any crime you are accused of. Let your lawyer help, and the court will decide guilt.


Once you are arrested you should call A-1 Bail Bond Service to help get you released as quickly as possible. We can work with you or a loved one that is interested in bailing you out. We will handle much of the rest!