If you have a loved one that has been arrested and is now in prison, then chances are you want to help in any way you can. This can be a challenge if you don’t know much about how the prison system works. It may seem impossible to support your loved one when they feel so far away, but thankfully there are multiple things you can do to help!

  1. Visit your loved one

If you live nearby to the jail that your loved one is currently located, then you should visit them when they are allowed. There may be some requirements like filling out paperwork, etc. There are also freedom restrictions that you will have to work within, but this is part of the restrictions of jail. Your loved one is often lonely and misses being with family. Visiting regularly is something that they will value highly and benefit them tremendously.


  1. Phone calls or letters

If you aren’t able to visit your loved one regularly, then you should keep in touch via phone or letters. Keeping in touch with a family member in prison is important for a variety of reasons. This includes helping them to better transition back into life. It will also help keep their morale up, just keep your calls and letters positive! It will cost you for phone calls, but the price isn’t excessive. If you mail letters you can include pictures or other similar contents with your letters. Just keep in mind that police officers will read any letters that you write to a loved one in prison. Keep your loved one up to date on what is going on in your life. If you aren’t sure where to write to, all you need to do is call the jail administration and talk to them for contact information for the loved one.


  1. Bailing them out

If you have a loved one that committed a crime but hasn’t been sentenced yet, then bailing them out is a great idea. All you have to do is contact a bail bond company, provide some information, and they will be able to pay the funds needed to release your loved one from a loved one. Before bailing someone out you need to know that they will return for the required court dates. If they don’t, then you will be 100% responsible for the entire bail amount and the money won’t be returned.


These are three ways that you can support a loved one that is in jail. This can be a tough time for everyone involved, but these are ways that can help.