Every industry has common misconceptions, and bail bonds are no different. We often talk to people who believe certain myths about bail bonds. This blog is going to address some of the most major bail bond myths, and give the correct information. This is important since if you never need to bail someone out, then knowing the right stuff about how it all works, will make the entire process much better.

Myth 1: Bail Negotiating

This is something that we have heard people say but isn’t true. Bail Bondsmen aren’t able to negotiate the price of bail.  The amount that your bail will cost is set exclusively by the court and they look at the history of the accused, their financial situation, the type of crime, and more. Because of this, we aren’t able to work to change the price of bail.


Myth 2: We aid in releasing criminals

Many people have the misconception that we are helping to release dangerous criminals. But this isn’t true either since the court is the one deciding if the nature of the crime poses a risk to the community. What a bail bond agent does is allow for someone that is accused of a crime to get back to their family and friends until they are required to return to court. In our country, everyone is innocent, until proven guilty. Many of the people that bail bond agent’s help have committed small crimes that post no threat to anyone.


Myth 3: The bail bondsman cost is one set price

Indiana allows bail bond companies to charge as little as 8% of the bail amount and up to 10%. The amount you will pay is based on your financial situation, your past background, etc. If the risk is low then the percentage is usually lower, if the risk is high then the bail bond cost will be around that 10%. This is the only fee that we are able to charge. Indiana tightly regulates what is allowable when it comes to writing bail bonds. In some states, people are able to make payments or put up other assets as payment. In Indiana, you must pay the entire bail bond percentage upfront.


Myth 4: Bail Bond Agents are Shady

This myth is largely due to media portraying bail bond agents as rough and shady. They like to show a bounty hunter that is hauling someone in, instead the opposite is true! Bail is talked about in the constitution, and bail bonds agents are an important part of the criminal justice system. Most bail bond agents are normal hard working people that care about the people they help and are able to get people back to their loved ones, instead of sitting in jail.


These are just four myths, there are many more that we see, and we will address some of these in future blogs. If you ever are in need of bail in the Elkhart area or surrounding cities and counties, then you should give us a call. We will be able to help you and get write a bail bond in as little as an hour!