A good bail bondsman can be a hero to someone who has no way to pay for bail. But many people don’t understand why bail bonds are important. So we are going to lay out some important facts to understand, which should help you understand why bail bonds are important!

Fact 1: It saves taxpayer money


If we didn’t have the bail bond system, then jails would have to keep every person arrested in jail for long periods of time, since most people aren’t able to cover the cost of bail. While some say that it should be run by the state, since they think that the cost of bail is too much for most people to reasonably pay.  But this is more of a problem with the judges setting bail, then the fault of the bail bond agents. Bail bonds agents are able to give people the freedom that they desire and keeps people from just sitting in jail because they can’t pay the bail that the judge sets.


Fact 2: Bail Bonds Makes people show up for court

Someone that hires a bail bondsman is 20% more likely to show up for their court dates. This is because often the family members of the person arrested are the ones working with the bail bond service, and they will be responsible if their loved one doesn’t show up for court dates. This is a great thing since it prevents someone from getting even further into trouble.


Fact 3: Bail Bond agents benefit the economy

The other major way that bail bond companies are beneficial, is by boosting the economy. We pay insurance premiums on every bail bond that we write. We also reduce the need to have police officers to search for people skipping out on bail. Bail bond companies are able to do much of the work to find these people if needed, which means the police don’t have to.


Fact 4: The bail system is in the constitution

The 8th amendment of the constitution protects bail and the importance of it. This being in the constitution is why the bail bond system was created. In some cases, bail was considered excessive and people weren’t able to pay. So bail bonds allowed people to have a reasonable way to be released on bail.


Fact 5: It helps the criminal justice system function

While many people bash and hate on the bail system, it has been proven to work. For example, Canada and the UK, have struggled with major crime waves. China has studied our bail system, and some states that have basically eliminated bail, have considered allowing it again. The reason for this is that people who are released without bail tend not to show up for their court dates, which leads to major problems. So bail bonds allow for a much better functioning justice system.


These are 5 facts that are important to know about bail bonds. We are an important system, and help many people live better lives.