Getting pulled over is never fun. Seeing the flashing lights in your rearview mirror can cause many people to panic or cause a lot of anxiety. When the police officer is walking up you are probably thinking of everything you could have possibly done, or if you have your driver’s license and everything else. But being pulled over doesn’t have to be a bad interaction plus if you know how to interact correctly, then this will reduce the stress and likely hood that they could be an issue.

  1. Be careful when pulling over

When you see the lights behind you, don’t freak out and pull over instantly. Obviously, don’t go very far, but make sure that you are in a safe place to pull over. You should put on your hazards on right away so they know that you are going to be pulling over. Try to even find a parking lot or something that isn’t right on the road. It can be dangerous for both you and the police officer if you are too close to the road.


  1. Don’t get out of your car, unless told to

Never get out of your car, unless the police officer tells you too. Getting out of your car can look like an act of aggression. Many officers are hurt or killed during traffic stops, so they can often be very on edge. So you want to do everything you can to put them at ease. However, if they ask you to step out of your car, then you should do so immediately.


  1. Give documentation quickly

When the officer asks you for any documentation, you should give it to them without complaint and as quickly as possible. This includes license and registration usually. If you for some reason don’t have one of these, then just calming explain the situation. Most officers will respond and be understanding if you are nice and friendly. Try to be short and concise.


  1. Keep your answers short

Often the police officer will ask some short questions, try to answer without going super in depth in anything. Simple answers are totally fine. You aren’t legally required to answer many personal questions if you don’t want to. If you are pulled over for something more serious then speeding, then you should be careful with what you say, since it could cause issues.


  1. Don’t lie

Don’t lie to the police. This is a great rule of thumb, and if they find out your lying, it can instantly put you on a bad footing. Try to be as honest as possible and be as straight forward with your answers.


  1. Be polite

This is one of the most important things to remember when you get pulled over, is to be polite. Being nice and polite will make the entire situation go much more smoothly, and probably save you a lot of problems. Many people make situations much worse by being rude or argumentative with the police, and this can only make things worse.


We hope these 6 tips make your next time getting pulled over go smoothly and without conflict.