There are many questions people have when they have to interact with bail for the first time. Especially if they are needing to bail out a friend or family member. Which is understandable, so we are going to answer some of the most common questions we are answered!

Do I get the money back?

It depends! If you pay the bail yourself, then yes you will get the bail money back. However, if you work with a bail bondsman, then you won’t get your money back. You will pay the bail bondsman a percentage based fee. This fee won’t get returned and is between 8-10%.


Can I finance the bail bond?

Unfortunately, in Indiana, you can’t finance bail. This means you can’t pay the bail bond company in payments. This isn’t the case in all states, and some of them do allow payments. However, you can borrow money to pay the bail bond fee from a family member. Also paying the bail bond company’s fee is much less than the entire bail amount.


Can the bail amount be changed?

It can be changed, if there is a legitimate reason, but is tough and typically doesn’t happen. The judge will be looking at the crime, the past history, and the risk to others if they allow someone to be released. Once they set the bail amount that is how much needs to be paid unless certain circumstances take place. For example, if it turns out that the crime was worse than originally assumed, then they may raise the cost of bail. If the amount seems like it is unreasonable, then it is possible to appeal the amount, but this isn’t a guarantee and it can take time.


Who do I call?

The first thing you need to do after you have been arrested is to call a loved one to get them to bail you out. They will be able to approach us and deal with getting the bail paid. The sooner they contact us, the better! This will help us get you released from jail as quickly as possible.