As Saint Patrick’s Day draws near, many Indiana citizens are looking forward to celebrating the holiday. As this alcoholic celebration happens to fall on a Friday, revelers and cops alike will be out in full force. Drinking and driving is a major focus for law enforcement, especially on party nights like the upcoming one. As a provider of quality bail bonds for Elkhart residents, A-1 Bail Bonds knows the story all too well. Our team of bail bond agents is here to help bail you out with fast, reliable services. Our goal is to get you out fast and back into the safety and comfort of your own home. In our last blog, we looked at a couple of useful drinking and driving tips to ensure that you are safe and clear of any trouble. When alcohol is introduced to a situation, people are more likely to make mistakes. Today, we’ll look at a few more tips that will help you to avoid driving dirty. While we are proud to offer optimal bail bonds services, we’d rather you not need them at all!

A-1 Bail Bonds specializes in bail bond services, not legal advice. Our tips are here to give you a basis for responsible drinking, but should not be taken as the law of the land!

Don’t push your limits. Many partygoers are well versed in how their bodies react to alcohol. While some patrons know that they are fine and sober after three drinks, others may be feeling it after just one.

Eat before and during drinking. Having a belly of food will help to slow down the absorption of alcohol while delivering a slow, steady supply of it. Foods that are high in protein are especially helpful for this task.

Pace yourself. The mistake many drinkers make on St. Patty’s Day is going full-tilt in a hurry. It’s important to spread out the consumption of alcohol. This can provide multiple benefits, from preventing you from crashing early to preventing any sloppy behaviors.

Alternate beverages. One easy task to undertake is swapping out your alcoholic beverage for water or a soda every other drink, to help keep you hydrated and to keep the alcohol from compiling too quickly before your body can process it.

Monitor medications. One reason that Elkhart citizens have found themselves behind bars is not due to excessive drinking, but drinking in combination with their medicine. Make sure to check the warnings and side effects of taking your medication with alcohol. Two drinks with the wrong antibiotic can land you in hot water!

Designate a sober driver. Even if these tips are taken, there is no guarantee that you will pass a breathalyzer or roadside sobriety test. If you’re not sober, be sure to designate a driver who is. Alternating who drives is a good system for ensuring that everyone gets home safely.

Getting into legal trouble is not an enjoyable experience. If you are picked up and placed in jail for any reason, A-1 Bail Bonds can help. Our 24-hour bail bond agents are expertly trained to get you out fast. If you or a loved one are arrested, be sure to utilize the most professional and confidential services in the business. Contact us now for service!