As we go through the holiday season, many people are out in force to make the most of the festivities. With more people home for the holidays and more cheer to be had, the statistics show that people are more likely to be arrested for any one of a number of charges. If your loved one is picked up for an alleged crime such as DUI, it’s important for everyone involved to get that loved one out of jail and into the comfort of their own home. It is essential to find bail bonds services that are fast, thorough, and reliable. A-1 Bail Bonds was created to do just that, delivering speedy services to get your loved one home sooner and away from the risks and dangers of our modern jail system. Our bail bond agents work quickly and discreetly, keeping your confidentiality as they work hard to release your loved one.

Our legal system is rife with complexities and redundancies, making it difficult to navigate the maze of the modern criminal justice system. One question we often hear over the phone by confused family members is: “How does the judge determine bail?” Today, we’ll answer this question to help you better understand what the legal process entails.

Bail Bond Factors

Across the board, each bail bondsman or bondswoman will charge a percentage of the standard amount that is mandated by law. Your bail bonds in Elkhart, for example, will range between 10 and 15 percent of the bond amount. The total amount can vary based on a few factors, including:

  • The severity of the crime. How serious the alleged crime is will play a majority of the role in determining the total bond amount for the defendant. While crimes such as first-time DUIs will require a negligible amount of money for release, more serious offenses will come attached with a much higher price. Capital offenses such as murder may not allow for bond at all!
  • Past criminal record. If the defendant has a prior record of committing criminal offenses, the court will tend to take a harsher stance on bail bonds services. Our system supplies a lot of leniency for first-time offenders, yet repeat offenders receive the opposite treatment.

  • Community ties. How well the defendant is entrenched in the community can play a large role in determining bail and the subsequent cost of doing so. If the offender has no family members or close ties to the community in which they live, they may be deemed a flight risk. If the judge believes the defendant is likely to flee, he or she can raise the bond amount or deny bail altogether.
  • Employment Status. Having a steady job to return to for income and a productive use of time will look much more favorable when determining bail if compared to being unemployed and having a lot of free time to spare.

Determining the bail amount can have a major impact in how a defendant and his or her family members proceed through the legal process. Next time, we’ll continue this subject by discussing the use of algorithms to determine bail. If you are looking for professional bail bonds in Elkhart, you’ve come to the right place. A-1 Bail Bonds was founded to deliver the highest level of service to our clients, and we’re ready to get to work to restore your family’s life. Contact us today to get started.