Being placed under arrest for any reason is not fun. While most citizens are aware of this fact, few consider what happens from arrest to arraignment. Our country is renowned for its high incarceration rate and arrest rates, making jail a frightening experience for a wide range of people. If you or a loved one are arrested and facing trial, it’s vital to find a reliable bail bonds service to deliver quick results to get you back into the safety and comfort of your own place. If you’re in need of bail bonds in Elkhart or Warsaw, the team at A-1 Bail Bonds is here and ready to help 24/7. Our Indiana bail bond agents rely on professionalism and dedication with every service we provide, getting the steps done to get you home in a fast and discrete manner.

While we strive to get you or your loved one out as soon as possible, jail time will still be unavoidable to some degree. Today, we’ll explain the process of being booked into jail, as well as the value that our bail bondsmen can provide in getting your life back on track.

Entry and Processing

Once you are brought in by the Elkhart County Sheriff Department, the staff present will begin to process you. New arrestees are immediately subjected to a search and pat-down upon entry to ensure that there are no hazardous products present. Weapons, drugs, and other contraband will be confiscated at this point for inmate and guard safety. Body searches are comprehensive, allowing little to no room for contraband to make it into the facility. Many people despise this process. Also, keep in mind that suspected criminals of all degrees are subject to strip searches by jail staff, even offenders picked up for minor traffic crimes.

This stage will also get you updated and into the system. Suspect information has been modernized in most jails, relying on computers for fast data sharing to make the process faster and more accurate. You will also have your mugshot taken on arrival.

Mugshots are known by everyone, and their use has numerous advantages for law enforcement:

  • Identity issues can be minimized, as your mugshot will be attached to your name to avoid problems with inmates with the same name.
  • Physical evidence can be used to build a case against arrested individuals, and mugshots taken upon jail entry are done so as evidence about your condition at the time of your arrest. Inebriation can be a serious factor in many cases.


Another part of booking that is commonly known to the public is the process of fingerprinting incoming inmates. This step is done for many reasons, with fingerprints being made available to nearly any law enforcement agency in the country. While not entirely unique, these prints can be vital in establishing your guilt or innocence at a crime scene. Fingerprints are also important for identifying inmates, as identity issues are always possible. If you have ever been processed after an arrest, your fingerprint has been stored in a federal database.

Possessing Personal Property

Once you have been booked and photographed, the process will begin of documenting and taking away your possessions. Inmates are normally given the chance to keep personal items like a watch or wedding ring. Remember that you are entitled to all of your property, unless it is illegal or played a role in a crime. Evidence and illegal items are off limits, but remember to stay calm when your stuff is taken away!

Health Exams and Treatment

Safety is a top priority at all levels of corrections, and medical staff will be ready to evaluate all arrestees to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible during their time at the jail. Nurses will check your vitals and ask a full range of questions about your lifestyle. At this point, inmates are assessed for particular behavioral or physical health needs. Screening methods are also in place to ensure that concerning diseases and ailments are not allowed into general population. After a complete physical and medical evaluation, plans are put in place for the best health of inmates and jail staff. If you are dealing with an infectious disease or sickness, isolation measures will be put in place. If you are sick and in need of medical attention, hospital visits will be scheduled to keep incoming inmates safe.

The process of evaluating a new inmate’s total health picture can be intense, which is why follow up communication is required with current practitioners to learn more about that inmate’s complete health profile. Next time, we’ll continue to discuss the process and its safety measures, which often traumatize or upset people while trying to keep them safe. If your loved one is currently dealing with an arrest, it’s essential to find a bail bonds company in Indiana with a record of fast, reliable, and discrete services. A-1 Bail Bonds is proud to employ insured and licensed bail bond agents in Elkhart and beyond, delivering a customer-first experience to get your loved one home and safe before trial. Call now if you’re in need of assistance!