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Facing felony charges is no joke. Today, we’ll look at the most serious felony classification, as well as considerations that can have an impact in the case’s decision. If your loved one is in need of a reliable bail bond agent, be sure to contact or agency today!


While many states classify murder as a Class 1 felony, Indiana’s system actually holds its own felony classification for the crime. Anyone convicted of this heinous crime faces a fixed prison term ranging between 45 and 65 years. Felons also face a fine up to $10,000 for their crimes. One important distinction for murder charges is that they are considered a capital offense. Derived from the Latin word caput (head), capital offenses are classified as crimes that may include the consideration of the death penalty. While Indiana has faced recent issues with their lethal injection protocols, the state is still in favor of using the death penalty today.

Regardless of the crime that your loved one is facing, it is important to consider habitual offender classifications when heading to trial.

Habitual Offenders

One method used to dissuade criminals from making a habit out of illegal activities is to have the designation of habitual offender for repeat offenders. Habitual offender enhancements are primarily used to systematically increase the penalties for crimes committed by individuals with a prior and applicable criminal history. It’s important here to note that this status can only be given if the State is able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the criminal committed the crime in question in addition to two more felonies. While lesser crimes such as Level 5 felonies bring an additional sentence of two to six years on top of the original sentence, more heinous offenses can reach up to two additional decades of prison time. Numerous factors go under consideration here, from the time span between felonies to the type of felonies that the individual was convicted of. The habitual offender charge is a separate charge entirely and must be proven in a court of law.

Differing Details

A habitual offender enhancement relies on several factors in order to make an accurate, fair designation for the offender in question. The end result is based on your most recent conviction and the outcome of the case. For one, the habitual status will apply to your highest level felony. This is based on the idea that your previous convictions support the habitual offender status with the new felony. If an offender is facing a Level 5 and Level 2 Felony, the latter conviction will be used for sentencing.

If your conviction is later tabled or set aside, the label will move to the next highest degree of felony on the record. Within the last few years, Indiana has moved to repeal their outdated laws on habitual offenders on both a felonious level and drug-related crimes.

Three-Strike Laws

Until 2014, Indiana took a hard stance on habitual offenders with their own version of a three-strikes law. While this tough-on-crime approach has been used nationwide for some time, recent findings have illuminated the ineffectiveness of this law. The three-strikes approach also applied to habitual substance offenders, creating a distinct set of rules for drug violators. The updated version of our state’s habitual offender program outlines new guidelines and provides a clear precedent for how the label can be issued to offenders.

Facing a trial is no laughing matter, and those with family members dealing with a felony charge will have plenty to deal with. If you have a loved one who is in need of professional bail bonds services to get home safely, be sure to reach out to our establishment. A-1 Bail Bonds proudly provides accurate, efficient bail bonds to Elkhart residents and beyond. Contact us now with your loved one’s basic information to get started.