Life happens. When you or a loved one are facing legal issues, the possibility of going before a court to settle the case can become not just a possibility but a reality. What you choose to do here can have serious long-term consequences, so it’s important to make the best decisions possible in any given situation. As a quality provider of bail bonds in Elkhart, our Indiana bail bond agents are here to get you or a loved one out of that jail cell fast. By focusing on prompt service and quick releases, A-1 Bail Bonds is able to get our clients out of lockup quickly and into the arms of their loved ones sooner than our competition. While our Elkhart bail bonds services are ideal for restoring order to your life in the interim, it’s what happens after this point that can decide your future. Today, we’ll discuss the benefits of utilizing a public defender or a private attorney. Using quality representation can help minimize the consequences that you are facing, so we recommend taking the time to consider all aspects of your case before making your choice!

Public Defenders

When defendants enter the court system, they are provided with a public defender if a personal attorney is either not available or a defendant is unable to afford one. The biggest advantage here is that this professional will not cost you any money. Our legal system has checks in place to ensure that citizens receive adequate attorney services regardless of their income level. Public defenders work with a wide variety of cases, giving them experience in areas that private attorneys may be lacking in. Because they work for the government, public defenders are placed in a steady work environment that includes close contact with numerous prosecutors. As such, it may be beneficial to you to have an attorney in your corner that has a positive working relationship with the prosecution, as better communication can lead to better plea offers.

The wide range of experience that public defenders hold can also be a disadvantage. These attorneys are often underpaid and overworked because they are responsible for covering a large caseload with little support. As such, they may not have enough free time to properly address all of your needs and concerns. Time and effort are always useful for mounting a sturdy defense, and oftentimes public defenders do not have that luxury. As the defendant, you do not have the choice of which public defender represents you. Since the court appoints the lawyer, you will not have the luxury of being able to replace them quickly in the event that they are not meeting your expectations.

Private Attorneys

Hiring a private attorney can provide numerous advantages for your case. These individuals are working on your dime and, as such, will be working hard on your behalf. From setting aside time to meet with you and discuss trial details to being able to examine gaps in the prosecution, private attorneys tend to work hard to make their living. If their job is done correctly, you can expect a plea agreement, a lesser sentence, the charges being tossed out, and everything in between. Private lawyers can also utilize their time advantage to bring in expert help, including quality witnesses and professional lab results to help your defense. You can also expect a timely response for all of your needs. Public defenders, on the other hand, may be difficult to get ahold of in an emergency.

The main (and only real) disadvantage of hiring a private attorney is the cost. The financial burden of hiring a private attorney may cost defendants their home, cars, valuables, and more. The mantra “you get what you paid for” can be exceedingly true in the legal world.

Getting into legal trouble is terrible. When it does happen, you or your loved one may be facing a complex prosecution process. It’s important to weigh your options here, as these decisions can have long-term ramifications. Balancing finances with risks may help you hire a private attorney or let it ride with a public defender. Regardless of what path is chosen, getting out of jail before the trial can help your loved one prepare for their case in the comfort and care of home. Our bail bonds service is available 24/7 to provide you with the help most needed at any time of day. Contact our Elkhart bail bonds company today if you need assistance!