Now that Valentine’s Day passed, people are gearing up for green beer and festivities. While Saint Patrick’s Day is not necessarily a harbinger of doom for drivers, the risks of getting injured or in trouble with the law certainly are higher. Because of increased alcohol consumption by the public, law enforcement tends to be out in droves in Indiana to keep the streets safe. While this is a great measure, it can also equate to more issues for the average driver. As a provider of the quickest bail bonds in Elkhart, we understand the consequences of being picked up for a charge relating to alcohol. If you are in need of help, our Elkhart bail bondsmen are ready to post bail and get you out, regardless of the time or day. A-1 Bail Bonds has provided Elkhart residents with comprehensive bail bonds services for years, and we’ve seen it all. Our top goal is to get you out of jail and back to your family as quickly as possible.

Today, we’ll look at a few tips that can help during St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. While nothing groundbreaking, these pointers will help in keeping Elkhartcitizens safe and out of jail.

Open Containers

A few years ago, Indiana legislation was changed to correct a loophole in the state’s open container laws. While this measure fixed a gap in the law that allowed RV and limo drivers to actually have open containers, it is now expressly forbidden. While this doesn’t affect the normal driver, it does raise the importance of knowing the laws. Many citizens, especially college students, believe that only the driver cannot hold an open alcoholic beverage. The law, however, states that no alcohol container with a broken seal may be in the passenger section of any vehicle. Unopened containers are okay, but anything beyond that will result in a citation. Open containers (usually empty bottles) can be stored in the trunk area, but little leniency will be given on open beers in the cab. While a class C infraction is not a major penalty, it can only lead to future problems if police officers are seeking inebriated drivers. Simply having an open alcoholic beverage in the backseat can result in a full investigation of all passengers, especially the driver. All of this can be avoided by waiting till you’ve arrived at your destination to crack open that beer. Getting to your destination, however, can also be fraught with issues.

Driving Behaviors

  • St. Patty’s Day is a drinking holiday, giving law enforcement increased motivation to keep a lookout for drunk drivers. Whether you’ve had two beers or are in route to do so, your driving habits can come under heavy scrutiny. Police officers will typically look for suspicious behavior, including:
  • Excessively slow speeds
  • Erratic braking
  • No headlights on after dark
  • Swerving, weaving, or lane straddling
  • Abrupt or slow movements, especially when turning and stopping

Our best advice for staying safe on Saint Patrick’s Day is to simply stay home. If you have plans or want to enjoy a night out, we recommend designating a sober driver. Even if you’ve only consumed one or two drinks, the risk for legal troubles is always present. If something does happen, A-1 Bail Bonds will be here to help you or your loved one out. Our bail bond agents are standing by to help get our clients out in a speedy, hassle-free fashion. If you are currently looking for bail bonds in Elkhart, or want to learn more about our process, feel free to contact us now!