We understand that being arrested can be an overwhelming and stressful time. Learning the legal processes and what happens if your charges are dropped will prepare you for any future proceedings, and help you better understand what is happening with your specific case. As your certified Elkhart bail bondsman, we are passionate about offering you continued support, even after we get you out of jail on bail, and this means helping you understand what it means to have your charges dropped.

What does it mean to have your charges dropped?

page1-3In a criminal case, your charges are reliant upon three distinct persons: the prosecutor’s office, the victim of the crime, and many times the arresting officer. The victim has the power to press charges, but they do not have the power to drop the charges. This is in place to prevent any pressuring or blackmailing of the victim. The arresting officer can drop charges in some cases, but ultimately the power to drop your charges in every case relies upon the prosecution.

Do dropped charges appear on your criminal record?

Unfortunately, a dropped charge will still appear on your criminal record unless you receive an expungement. However, a dropped charge will still look better on your record than a conviction, particularly when looking for jobs or homes.

Do you still have to pay your bail bondsman if charges are dropped?

Because the service that your bail bondsman performs is to release you from jail, you still have to pay the fee that was agreed upon, either with you or your loved one. Fortunately, at A-1 Bail Bonds, we are dedicated to making sure that you have your best chance at a better life after being charged with a criminal offense. This means we do our best to make your bail affordable, manageable, and straightforward.

In most cases, your charges can only be dropped by the prosecution, the charges will still appear on your permanent record as dropped, and you still must pay your bail bondsman for his or her services, but we do our best to make sure the entire process is simple for you. Contact our professionals at A-1 Bail Bonds today and learn more about the specific laws in Indiana regarding dropped charges.