When it comes to bail bonds, we do what we do for our clients, because we care about their ability to maintain their lives, their connections, and their jobs — even if they have been arrested on a drug or alcohol-related offense. We work to be efficient and understanding, and because we are a family-owned bail bondsman team in Elkhart, we do our best to treat our clients and their families like part of that family.

While we are passionate about building connections with our clients, we don’t like seeing them in jail again, so if you or your loved one is having struggles with multiple DUIs, drug-related crimes, or other substance abuse activities, it may be time to discuss options.

Beginning The Conversation — For Family

If you are approaching a loved one about addiction it is important to pick your team wisely. Choose only those for whom your loved one has a respect, those who are going to be gentle and understanding. Always work to keep anger out of the conversation, keeping the volume of the discussion to a minimum and use warm, understanding language as well as open body language. In general, it is extremely difficult for people to take criticism, so try to avoid blaming the person for their actions. Instead, approach the situation about why you are worried and what you are feeling.

Beginning The Recovery — For Those Struggling With Addiction

If you are tired of living life with addiction and are ready to break free, then the best advice we can give is to surround yourself with people who support your decision. Ideally, finding those who have been through similar situations will make the process much easier, because you see that it is, in fact, possible. At A-1 Bail Bond Service, we will always point you in the right direction. Because all of our services are completely confidential, you never have to worry and you work toward the life you want with people who really understand. See our helpful addiction dependency resources and contact us today!