Imagine a situation where a man gets arrested and calls his significant other to come and bail him out. But not knowing that the significant other is contacting a bail bond company, the man’s parents also contact their own bail company to get him out of jail. This means that there are now two bail bond companies working to bail out this man. So you may be wondering if it is possible for two people to bail out one person, the short answer is no! Here is why.

This scenario actually isn’t that crazy, and can and does happen. Often it is because neither party wants to be useless, so they move quickly to work with a bail bond company. But here is what you need to know about this situation.

So if this did happen, will the jail accept two bail bonds for the same defendant? No, they won’t, the way the jail will determine which bail bond to accept is purely based off of time. Whichever company makes it first will be accepted, and since the jail will only take one, the other bail bond will not be accepted. Now, this may worry you since, you have to pay a bail bond fee, but thankfully the fee is refunded since the bail bond company isn’t paid until bail is posted. Since they aren’t able to post bail, you won’t have to pay anything. The good news is that either way the person who was arrested will be released from jail quickly and will be able to stay out until the required court dates.


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