Bail bonds are an amazing thing for many different people. Since it allows people to be released from prison that wouldn’t be able to otherwise. A bail bond is basically a loan that is provided by the bail bondsman that allows for a defendant to be released. Bail bonds are an interesting industry, so here are some facts that are helpful to know!

Bail bonds aren’t available in every state

Most states do allow for bail bonds, however, there are a few states that won’t allow it. For example, Main, Wisconsin, Kentucky are all states that don’t allow for a bail bond system. In fact, the US and the Philippians are the only counties that have a commercial bail bond system. Other countries don’t have bail, and often have issues with people not showing up to require court dates. Which is why our bail bond system is helpful.


Bail Money might not be required

In some situations, the judge may not require bail for some smaller crimes. The judge can decide if he would like to just get a verbal promise to return for required court dates.


Paying for bail on your own is not always best

While you may be able to technically pay for the entire bail amount it isn’t always the best option. Bail can be a significant amount of money and could put a serious hurt on your financial situation. When you work with a bail bond company, all you have to pay is a small percentage of the total amount. This means you don’t have to invest all of your funds into the bail. This allows you to keep more money for daily living expenses.


Appearing at court isn’t all you may have to do

Many people think that all they have to do once released from jail on bail in return for the required court dates. But sometimes there are other requirements set by the judge. For example, you may be required to go into an alcohol or drug education program. They also might restrict the area that you are allowed to travel to.


You can’t use collateral

In the state of Indiana, you aren’t able to use collateral to cover bail or your bail bond. In Indiana, you must pay the entire bail bond fee up front. If a bail bondsman allows for collateral, then they are breaking the law and you should not use them.


These are just a few facts you should know, but if there is anything else you are unsure of, then you are always welcome to give us a call, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about bail bonds.