If someone is arrested, it is helpful to know what the judge looks at to determine how much the bail amount should be. They they will be looking at many different factors, but ultimately they will be the one to set the amount, and there isn’t a guarantee it will be what you expect. Understanding the main things they will look at will better help you understand the bail bond process, and take some of the uncertainty out of the entire process! 


  1. The crime

The first and one of the biggest factors that the judge will consider is the nature of the crime. Something like a DUI will have a much different bail amount then something like physical assault. In some cases if the crime is severe enough then bail may be denied since the person may be considered to dangerous. Or if they have clear proof that the accused is guilty, then it is also possible for bail to be denied. The judge can also set bail to an amount the defendant can afford. This is why in some high profile cases involving a wealthy person, the amount is set into the millions, so that the defendant will feel the impact of the bail money.


  1. The criminal record

If the accused as a clean record, then it likely that they will be allowed to be released on bail. If however, someone committed a crime on parole, or has a past history of crime, then bail may be denied or the amount will be higher.


  1. Risk of flight

If someone has skipped out of court appearances before, then it is highly likely that bail will not be allowed for this person. The judge will look at the flight risk of each defendant and make sure that the bail amount corresponds with the risk.


  1. Chance of defendant interfering with witness

Part of the reason that there is a delay between when the crime is committed and the court date, is so that lawyers can search for evidence and contact witness. If the judge believes that the defendant will interfere with any witness then they may not allow them to be bailed out. This isn’t incredibly common, but it is something the judge will be considering.


Most people don’t have to worry about being denied bail, but the cost of the bail may be large. If you aren’t able to cover the entire amount then it is a great idea to give a reputable bail bond company in the Elkhart Indiana area. A-1 Bail Bond has been aiding people in the Elkhart area for many years, and can help bail out your loved one. Instead of you having to come up with potentially thousands of dollars, you only have to pay us a percentage of the total fee. We truly care about each and every person we assist and will work with you to make free your loved one as quickly as possible! If you have any questions about bail bonds you can always give us a call!