Most people don’t know how the jail booking process works if they have never been arrested. We are going to pull the curtains back on this process and try to make it clear as to what happens during this process.

Booking is the process of checking you into the jail system and cataloging your identity. The entire process can take anywhere from an hour to multiple hours. Here are some of the steps of the booking process.

  • Take the mug shot, this will be combined with the record of why you are being booked.
  • Give you jail clothes and take your personal items and catalog those so you can reclaim them at a later date.
  • Take fingerprints, which is usually an electronic system.
  • Fully body search.
  • They will then check your health overall which includes x-rays and blood tests. They want to ensure that you don’t have any dangerous diseases that could infect other inmates.
  • They will usually have some questions for you, including outside relationships that will affect you while in jail.
  • Take a DNA sample.
  • If there was any confrontation with the police, then they will note any evidence that is needed.

There may be more steps during the booking process, but these are a few of the main things that are commonly done.


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