Getting a loved one released from jail on a bail bond is a great thing since it will allow them to spend time with their family and loved ones, or keep their job. However getting out on bail is only temporary, since they will be required to return for court dates. While someone is out on bail, there are certain limitations and requirements that need to be met, or else the defendant may be rearrested, and the bail money will be forfeited, which means the bail bond company will hold the person who bailed out the loved one responsible.


Usually, when someone is out on bail, they will need to check-in with an officer, to ensure that they are complying with all of the requirements. This is the same if someone is on parole. So for example, if someone is out on bail and has a requirement to not leave the area, then they may require the defendant to check-in to ensure they don’t leave.


Refrain from drugs and alcohol

If someone has been arrested for a drug or alcohol-related offense, then they may have restrictions on what they are allowed to consume. If this happens, the defendant needs to follow all of these requirements.


No-contact orders

If an arrest was caused by stalking, domestic violence, etc. then the court might set a no-contact order, meaning the defendant is not allowed to contact a certain individual. This is often done to prevent someone from tampering with a witness or a victim, and to prevent them from potential injuring them.



It is very common for the court to set a bail condition that the arrested person isn’t allowed to buy or own any guns of any type. This can happen even if the crime didn’t involve a weapon. The court wants to ensure that someone out on bail isn’t a danger to anyone else around them.


There may be more requirements set by the court, and no matter what these are, the defendant needs to follow and obey these requirements. If the bonded person does this, then chances are things will go much better for them in the long term.