When someone is arrested you can usually be sure that once they are taken into custody a bond will be set. This is usually a stressful and difficult time when you get the call that a loved one has been arrested and needs to be bailed out. You will probably have a bunch of questions at this time, and there will be a lot of information needed, so we are here to help cut down on the confusion, and so you know exactly what you’ll need to do. If you are the person that needs to bail a loved one out, and you call us, here are some of the things we will be asking for right away.

  1. Full name

The first thing we will normally ask for is the full name of the person that has been arrested. If you have their booking info then we will also want that.


  1. Where is the defendant

We will then need to know where the defendant is currently being held in jail. This is something we need to know since it isn’t always the case that the person will be held in the same area that they were arrested. We will meet you at the jail so we need to know where to meet.


  1. How much the bail is set for

Obviously, a big part of the bail is knowing how much bail will be for the defendant. This is determined by the judge based off of the crime, past history, and flight risk. The judge can raise bail if more information is discovered. Once we know how much you need we will cover the bail, and you will pay us a percentage of this total. The amount you will pay is dependent on a few things but will be between 8-10%. This portion of the fees is not going to be refunded.


We hope this helps you understand more what will be asked of you when you call us. If you already have these answers prepared then this will help reduce the amount of time that will be needed to bail out a loved one. We are here to help 24/7 and commit to working to get your loved one out of jail as quickly as possible.