You may have heard the terms bail bond agent or bail bondsman, but aren’t sure if there is a difference. Well, we are going to answer that question today in this blog!

A bail bondsman/agent is an individual who will pledge the money to the court for the release of someone that has been arrested. The bail bondsman is providing the surety that the person accused will show up for all of their court dates, otherwise, they will be responsible for the entire amount of bail. In the State of Indiana, an individual is able to be licensed as a bail bondsman and can act as this surety. So basically there is no difference between a bail bond agent and a bail bondsman, they are the same thing, just different terms. However, a bail bond company may not be the same thing. A company will need to have bail bondsman in order to actually write bail bonds. But they could also have support staff and an office, etc.


The bail bondsman will have experience working with the justice system in your area, and in A-1 Bail Bonds case this is in Elkhart County. A bail bondsman is usually available 24/7 to accept your calls and help get you bailed out of jail as quickly as possible. The bail amount is set by the judge and if you aren’t able to come up with the funds on your own, then finding a good bail bondsman is important. A good bail bondsman will care about you, and your situation, and try to provide the best service possible. We serve the Elkhart County area and the surrounding communities! Also since this blog is being posted at the end of 2018, Happy New Year!