We get involved with bail after someone has been arrested and is in need of money to get out of jail. Once the person has been bailed out, they often wonder what is next. We are asked many different questions about what someone can and can’t do while out on bail. These questions are welcome and normal since for many people it is their first time being arrested and getting bailed out. Most people just want to make sure that they are doing the right thing and will be walking on eggshells. So here are some of our suggestions on things you should and shouldn’t do while out on bail.

You should spend time with your family while out on bail. This will usually help you prevent getting into further trouble. Depending on your case, once you are in court you may not have much opportunity to spend time with them, or if you are convicted of a crime, then you also may not be able to spend time with your family for a while.

If you have a job you should keep working your normal schedule. The judge and court like to see that you are a productive member of the community! So don’t skip out on work. Also, you are allowed to leave your home and town if you would like. However it some cases there can be restrictions on where you can go. But these will specifically be stated, and you will know if this is the case. If you have been charged with a federal crime then it is likely that you will have limitations put on where you can move or travel. If you have a history of missing any court dates then you will have a higher likelihood of having travel restrictions put on you while you are out on bail.

If you do travel while out on bail then you should let your bail bondsman and lawyer know. Communication is extremely important, since even if you are leaving town for legitimate reasons if you don’t let either the bail bondsman or lawyer know then it could cause them to panic. The same is true if you have any information that changes. For example, if you have a new address or phone number, you need to let your bail bondsman know.

You shouldn’t spend time with people that could be a bad influence. If you have friends or relatives that have caused you to get in trouble in the past, then don’t spend time with them while out on bail, or possibly ever. You want to decrease the likelihood that you will have any trouble with the law. You should not miss any court dates. This is super important! If you miss a court date, then chances are you will be re-arrested, and the judge will not look kindly on you. This last one goes without saying, but don’t do anything illegal while out on bail. This could get you in much worse trouble!

If you are unsure on whether something is okay or not, ask your bail bondsman and we should be able to give you some advice!