Many people in this country, think that bail is somehow not moral to keep someone in jail contingent on them paying bail. They think that it isn’t fair to keep someone if they don’t have enough money to pay bail. They also say that the system only favors those that have money in the bank. But we disagree with this and there are many important reasons for the bail bond system we have and why it is part of our judicial system.

Bail wasn’t created to eliminate options for the poor. It was created to allow someone who would otherwise be sitting in jail, to have the option to spend the time between getting arrested and their court dates, at home. If we didn’t have bail, then most likely most people would have to stay in jail otherwise. The reason that the money is attached is to give people a reason to return for a court date. There needs to be incentive and accountability, otherwise, it wouldn’t be possible to allow someone to be released. The system was created to prevent people from losing important aspects of their life. Here are a few other reasons that our bail system is beneficial for anyone who has been arrested.


Hire a lawyer

Once someone is arrested and they have court dates set, they are going to want time to get a lawyer to fight the charges. When you are bailed out of jail, this usually will give you plenty of time to get a good lawyer. While you can talk to a lawyer in jail, you can’t travel to get evidence or talk to others easily. You will have time to prepare yourself.


Keep your job

If you are arrested and are sitting in jail, then there is no way for you to work. Obviously, most employers aren’t going to wait for you, or be understanding. Often they will fire you. However, if you get bailed out quickly, then it is much more likely that you will be able to keep your job. Depending on how quickly a loved one works with a bail bond company, you could be released within just a few hours!



One of the best reason for the bail system is that it allows defendants to spend time and take care of their family. If you are a single parent, then you will need to arrange care for your family, and there are many other responsibilities that are impossible to fulfill from jail.


Less Exposure

If you are arrested and are able to post bail quickly, then this will make it more likely that those around you may not even know. This will reduce the impact of the arrest, on your job, family, and friends.


Faster Release

Because bail bond companies are able to help those that may not have the funds, people are able to get out of jail much more quickly than they otherwise would be. The bail bond company will ensure the court that you will return and that the funds will be paid. This is also possible because of our bail system.


Many people who attack our bail system have never been in a situation where they need bail. When you are,  the entire process is much more appreciated and is something most people wouldn’t want to be without.